Company Profile
Custom Plaster Ceiling (CPC) began operations in 1990 and is a subsidiary of Primeclass Group of Companies. Over the years, we have gained a steady reputation in the fibrous plaster industry.

We provide a complete service from design consultation to the installation of products, which consist of high quality gypsum plasterglass interior products for the commercial, institutional and residential markets. Some of our ready-made products include plain fibrous plaster ceilings, artistic ceiling roses, decorative cornices, rosettes, fanciful arches and many more.

Quality plays a very important part in the manufacturing process and only high-quality plasterglass ceilings made of gypsum plaster, structurally reinforced with fibreglass and are fire resistant,are produced. All products are hand finished where possible and undergo strict quality control checks before they leave our factory.

The distinct advantage CPC has over similar companies is the fact that we have our own factory in Sungai Buloh. This means, we have a whole range of mould-maker machines to customise designs at a minimised cost and most importantly, we have total control over the quality of our products.

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